why isn't can't go out sad on spotify

why isn’t can’t go out sad on spotify

Popularity of “Can’t Go Out Sad”

One would expect a viral hit like “Can’t Go Out Sad” to be readily available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify. However, many fans have been left disappointed as they search in vain for this catchy and infectious track.

The absence of “Can’t Go Out Sad” from Spotify’s vast library raises questions about the platform’s curation process and their commitment to providing users with the latest and hottest songs.

As one of the leading music streaming services, it’s crucial for Spotify to stay up-to-date with emerging artists and their breakthrough hits. Perhaps there are contractual issues or licensing complications that have prevented “Can’t Go Out Sad” from being included in Spotify’s collection.

Nevertheless, the absence of this track reminds us that even the most popular platforms can occasionally fall short in meeting our musical cravings.

Potential reasons:

There are several possible reasons why “Can’t Go Out Sad” is not available on Spotify. One possibility is that there may be contractual issues between the artist and Spotify that prevent the song from being added to the platform.

It’s not uncommon for artists to have exclusive agreements with other streaming services or labels that restrict the availability of their music on certain platforms. Another possibility is that there could be licensing complications, such as copyright disputes or issues with sample clearances.

While these are just speculative reasons, the absence of this viral hit on Spotify is a reminder that the music industry is a complex ecosystem with various factors influencing the availability of songs on different streaming platforms.

Licensing and distribution challenges

One major factor that could explain the absence of “Can’t Go Out Sad” on Spotify is licensing and distribution challenges. When it comes to releasing music on streaming platforms, artists and their teams must navigate the often complicated world of copyright laws and licensing agreements.

The song may contain samples from other artists’ work, and obtaining proper clearance for those samples can be a lengthy and expensive process. If the artist or their team encountered difficulties in obtaining these clearances, it could explain why the song is not available on Spotify.

Furthermore, there may be distribution agreements in place that limit where the song can be streamed. The artist may have an exclusive deal with another platform or label, preventing them from releasing the song on Spotify.

These licensing and distribution challenges can be frustrating for both artists and fans, but they are an unfortunate reality of the music industry. It highlights the intricate web of legal and business relationships that influence the availability of songs on different streaming platforms.

The artist’s decision

“Can’t Go Out Sad” may not be available on Spotify is the artist’s decision to exclusively release the song on other platforms. In the music industry, artists often sign exclusive deals with certain platforms or labels, which can limit the availability of their music on other streaming services.

This exclusivity can be a strategic move by the artist or their team to maximize exposure or financial gain. By aligning with a specific platform, they may receive specialized marketing, promotion, or financial incentives, which can be beneficial for their career.

While this decision may disappoint some fans who primarily use Spotify, it’s important to understand that artists make these choices based on their individual circumstances and goals.

Ultimately, it’s a business decision that artists have to consider, taking into account various factors such as their fanbase, target audience, and musical direction.

Support the artist and enjoy the song

While it may be frustrating for Spotify users who are unable to access “Can’t Go Out Sad,” there are still ways for fans to support the artist and enjoy the song.

First and foremost, keep an eye out for any updates from the artist on social media or their official website. They may decide to release the song on Spotify at a later date, so staying informed will ensure you don’t miss out.

Many artists release their music on multiple streaming services, and while it may require signing up for different platforms or purchasing the song individually, it’s worth the effort to support the artist and enjoy their work.

Lastly, don’t forget the power of sharing and supporting the artist’s music through word of mouth. Spread the word about the song to your friends and family who may have access to the platforms where it’s available. This kind of support can have a significant impact on an artist’s career and increase the likelihood of their songs becoming more widely accessible in the future.


While it can be disappointing when a favorite song like “Can’t Go Out Sad” isn’t available on Spotify, there are alternative ways to support the artist and enjoy their work.  Don’t hesitate to explore other streaming platforms where the song may be accessible, even if it requires some additional effort.

Remember, supporting the artist through word of mouth can also make a difference, as sharing their music with others can increase their visibility and chances of broader availability in the future. So, keep supporting your favorite artists and enjoy their music through various means!