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Software Spotlight!

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FAX Harvester
puts FAX Marketing to work for you!

FAX Harvester is a software application that automatically surfs the web for fresh FAX numbers targeted to the group that you want to market your product or services to. Fax Harvester is not a service, it is software that YOU purchase to run on your own PC as often as you wish. FAX Harvester puts FAX Marketing to work for you!  

FAX Harvester specializes in harvesting fax numbers from websites. There are millions of websites on the internet today...most of which are businesses that list their fax number as a point of contact. With FAX Harvester, you can quickly compile a list of fax numbers from these websites. You'll never need to purchase a list again. Best of all, FAX Harvester insures the fax numbers gathered are for businesses which you target as a group interested in your product or service by requiring the presence or absence of certain keywords on the web page. No more sending thousands of messages to recipients who are totally uninterested in your offer, hoping to have a few who are. Just look at what Fax Harvester offers:

  • FAX number extractor software...the best (maybe the only one) available. FAX numbers are free...all you'll ever need are there for the taking. Just read them from the websites that display them.
  • Utilize the extreme power of internet search engines to quickly harvest thousands of fax numbers by area code or even local prefix.
  • Specify text filters to help insure that the fax numbers harvested are targeted to your market.
  • Search business directories which often contain thousands of fax numbers. We even give you a tutorial of how to do it.
  • Automatically ignores duplicates and sorts the list by Area Code.
  • Paste other documents into Fax Harvester to have the fax numbers extracted.
  • Extract from a text file.
  • Customize the regular expression used to find the numbers to find any format.

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Software Spotlight!
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Sothink Glanda is a template-based tool
designed to create Flash movies for your
web site in a fast and easy way!

It works with Dreamweaver seamlessly and supports FrontPage as an Add-in. With Glanda, you can create a variety of animated effects such as buttons, navigation, splash pages, graphic logos after a few mouse clicks. Sothink Glanda create same SWF file like Macromedia Flash, but it doesn't need any Flash design experience or art design skill. WYSIWYG design panel and integrated preview makes the creation become more intuitionistic. It supplies hundreds of well-designed templates including animated buttons, text effects, motion backgrounds and greeting cards so you don't have to start from scratch. There are also a large amount of vector shapes, images, sound files supplied for your convenience. 

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Software Spotlight!
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HyperSnap-DX is a screen capture and
image editing tool for Windows!

Captures screens from standard desktop programs and hard-to-grab DirectX/Direct3D, Glide mode games. Can capture more than is visible on the screen with old auto-scroll technology, or new "extended capture" on WinXP. Advanced captures include multiple screen regions, freehand drawn shapes, buttons. Automates tasks like file saving, printing, FTP upload, image stamping, adding frames and drop shadows and much more. The program integrates with the Windows clipboard, and has new painting and editing features. 

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Software Spotlight!
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Internet ScreenSaver Builder
by XemiComputers

Internet ScreenSaver Builder allows you to combine images, text and multimedia (flash/swf, wav, avi, mp3) in a standard screensaver with internet update engine. When a screensaver detects changes on its web location it automatically downloads necessary component files and restarts as new.

The program has a wizard and/or simple yet effective command language. There are 73 image transition effects to play with, commands for moving images and text across the screen, random coordinates, letter-by-letter effects for showing text... The screensaver can have a hotkey that automatically opens a web browser with a selected URL when the user presses it to exit the screensaver. You can also get installer EXE files for installing and removing a screensaver. 

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Software Spotlight!
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Selteco Flash Designer v1.5

Create interactive, vector-based animations for your Web site, using more than 130 built-in animation effects like Fade, Zoom or Rotate, and produce complex graphics with images, shapes and text. Selteco Flash Designer exports SWF files in Macromedia Flash™ format, and HTML code necessary to integrate the animation with your Web page.

  • Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Rotate
  • Built-in browser displays your animation exactly how it will look like on the Web
  • Export SWF files, size optimized for faster display
  • Copy&Paste HTML code necessary to integrate SWF file with your page
  • Convert GIF Animations to Flash animations

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Software Spotlight!
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