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Software Spotlight!

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The Professional
Print Screen Capture Utility...

With more automatic print options than any other capture utility, CaptureEze Pro can be set up to meet your specific print need. Look to CaptureEze Pro for the cost effective solution for all your capture and printing requirements.

CaptureEze Pro Auto-Print will capture and print from 1-6 images per page. Automatic start options allow total control of all print settings, screen to printer color re-assignment, time/date stamps, user defined text stamps, and programmable 1-key operation.

CaptureEze Pro guarantees professional results for your most demanding image processing requirements. Editing and enhancement tools include filters, adjust image size and color level, crop, rotate, masks, digital and traditional frames, and much more.

Includes superior image editing and effects tools only otherwise available in high priced, professional graphics software. With two view modes, you can create and preview effects from 6% to 1600%, and CaptureEze Pro’s WYSIWYG print editor lets you see exactly how the final print will look. Includes a complete suite of professionally designed, high quality Digital and Traditional Frames and Masks. You can even print posters. 

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Software Spotlight!
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Multimedia Authoring and More...

"NeoBook 4 makes it easy to create and publish your own 32-bit Windows applications - no programming required! Even inexperienced users can quickly combine text, graphics, sound, animation and other elements to create interactive, multimedia software programs such as: electronic books, presentations, brochures, greeting cards, educational materials, computer-based training, catalogs, electronic magazines, games, CD interfaces and many types of other applications.

NeoBook's easy-to-use, floating tool palette allows you to construct applications using simple drag-and-drop commands. It's easy to setup hotspots, command buttons, text entry fields, check boxes, lists and other interactive controls. Quickly create an interface that allows readers to turn pages, enter responses, pop up messages, play multimedia files, run other software, do math calculations, display Internet sites, and more. And when you're finished, you can compile your masterpiece into a complete stand-alone Windows application (exe) or screen saver (scr), which you can distribute without royalties!" 

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Software Spotlight!
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Copy entire web sites
to your hard drive...

WebWhacker 5.0 is now 
faster and easier!

Create an archive of Web information. Hang on to that valuable web site - don't depend on it staying around. Distribute your Web site or product catalog on a CD. Create CDs that run automatically when inserted into Windows computers. Review web pages on the plane, bus, or where you might not have an Internet connection. Don't rely on an Internet connection for your next presentation. Easily build a virtual Web for employees. 

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Software Spotlight!
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Create 'N' Distribute Screensavers

Enter your own pictures and sound files, then automatically package and distribute to others as a screensaver, royalty free. Simply select any photos on your hard drive, along with any sound files if you choose, and a screensaver is automatically created with an installation file (and an uninstall program for each user). Easy to use interface walks you through the steps, and you can then distribute your application as business advertising, selling to others, or simply for entertainment. You can also customize your own name for each screensaver, and you can add a button link in each created screensaver which links directly to your website when clicked, adding more traffic and free advertising for your website. All screensaver settings (slide pictures, tile pictures, stretch full screen, sound on/off, etc) are all completely changeable by each user. (Runs on all Windows systems. Created screensavers also run on all Windows systems). 

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Software Spotlight!
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A Professional Tool
for Animated GIFs!

Do you want to easily create countless types of animated GIFs? Want a program with smart optimization of the resulting animated GIF? Want an easy way to include Windows controls in these animations? Or easy import of vector graphics? Zoner GIF Animator 5 meets all these demands, making it the best tool when you create animated GIF images.

Zoner GIF Animator 5 also:

  • Lets you rescue animation frames' original states after optimization
  • Offers practically infinite textures in hundreds of basic types through its Texture Generator
  • Lets you set an animation's background color
  • Provides support for text frames, including advanced editing functions
  • Allows easy editing of animation frames
  • Helps you merge frames
  • Provides tweening (blending) between frames
  • Supports frame drag-and-drop
  • Supports all frame-refresh methods
  • Lets you add titles and descriptions to all animation frames
  • Offers easy definition and locking of animation borders
  • ...and far too many other features to list here.

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Software Spotlight!
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