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Software Spotlight!

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When Print Screen
just isn't enough...

Have you ever been playing a game, visiting a site, or designing something and you hit Print Screen to capture the screen? With Paraben's Screen Captures, you have complete control. Capture all or just a portion of the screen. Set a timer for captures. Capture many forms of multi-media including video and DVD. Once you've captured the screen, use a vast array of editing tools to get it just the way you like it. Then, save the screen capture as an image. 

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Software Spotlight!
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FX Saver Toolbox Professional

FX Saver Toolbox Professional helps you to create your own professional screen saver using your favorite images and background sounds easily. Incorporated with a simple and intuitive control panel interface, you can add your favorite images, customize the appearance, and spice it up with cool special effects and background sounds (MID/WAV/MP3).

With this Toolbox Professional Edition, you can create and distribute your screen saver in self-installing (exe) package to your friends and family, royalty-free.

Commercial distribution is also allowed. 

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Software Spotlight!
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AllAffiliatePro v4.5
Versatile Affiliate Marketing Solutions!

AllAffiliatePro has become one of the industry leading affiliate software solutions. Allowing sites big and small to start their own affiliate program and benefit from affiliate marketing. Now one of the first to offer private affiliate network capability, where you can run an affiliate program for all of your web sites from your own private network. Stopping the need for an individual affiliate program for each web site owned.

AllAffiliatePro allows simple creation of a commission and/or clickthru based affiliate program. An affiliate program is the best way to get targeted traffic to your site, increasing sales and quality of traffic. If your on a low budget, with a commission based program you can't lose. You only pay them when they earn you sales. An affiliate program is a long term investment, one that grows in interest as it grows in size sending you more, and more, quality targeted traffic. Some webmasters only go for click-thru programs, and others for commission. This way you can satisfy either or both! 

The Benefits that your own AllAffiliatePro advanced affiliate program would bring:

  • A traffic source that just keeps on growing 

  • Performance paid advertising 

  • Increased link popularity 

  • Higher search engine rankings 

  • A way to track e-marketing compaigns 

  • Other people generate YOUR traffic for YOU 

  • Easy to maintain 

  • A single affiliate program for all your sites 

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Software Spotlight!
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Adesign Image Editing Software!

Adesign is a new powerful and easy to use graphic software for image editing, designing web graphics from scratch, and photo-retouching. Built around quality, usability, and state-of-the-art technology, Adesign image editor offers an award-winning user-interface, many rich tools and effects that you can hardly find elsewhere, even in much more expensive professional software.

Adesign image editor has been especially designed to offer a smooth & natural learning curve: when using it, you will naturally discover new ways of creating better and better graphics and progressively gain valuable digital image editing skills. 

Adesign is a very powerful yet very easy to use image editor, with many professional features, a lot of retouching & designing from scratch power, and hours of fun. It is a great tool for owners of digital cameras, web page creators or graphic designers because of its capability to adjust, edit, enhance or retouch any image with special and many new original tools. Possibilities are countless and up to your imagination! 

With Adesign you can:

  • Retouch, enhance, and manipulate photos from your digital camera 
  • Design from scratch high-quality graphics for your web site, documents, or software 
  • Amaze everybody by composing professional quality images!

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Software Spotlight!
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WebCompiler 3
The Slickest HTML Compiler Around!

Built in searching allows the user of the presentation to find information within it. The underlying HTML can be made inaccessible, and groups of pages can be protected with passwords, allowing information to be restricted to authorized users, or maybe even sold.

WebCompiler 3 allows you to take a collection of HTML, either from a Web Site you already have or maybe HTML you prepared specially, and turn it into a single self-contained "executable" file that you can use for any number of purposes. Very little technical knowledge is required to do so.á

Form processing allows you to build presentations that request data from the user, or catalogues, shopping cart type applications etc. 

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Software Spotlight!
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