One Way Link Exchanges Make You More Money!

by Howard Young

Link exchanges are a very important tool in driving traffic to your site. With proper management of keywords in the anchor text, your web site will have a higher search engine placement for those keywords.

We all know the legend of how Bloggers used the keywords "miserable failure" in the anchor text to link to President Bush's web site. When you searched for those keywords, the President's site was at the top of the list.

The power of one-way linking is very evident in this case. But how would you go about getting one-way links to your site?

It's simpler than you think and it's very effective. I use a three-step process -- which includes keyword management -- to obtain one way links. In a nutshell, it involves commenting on Blogs, Article Marketing and Joint Ventures. This is a continuous Website marketing plan taking minimal effort.

Keyword Management
I like to use a set of related keyword phrases instead of just a single phrase. This gives broader exposure to search engine queries in addition to giving your site a common theme. In each one of the three steps you need to rotate to a new set of keywords. Rotate the set about once a month for all your link campaigns.

The other aspect to Keyword Management is to throttle your links. Search Engines, especially Google, look at link growth rate. For example, if too many sites link to your site at once, Google will think your links are derived from Blog Comment Spam or a link farm and may de-list your site.

Comment on Blogs
Commenting on Blogs provides a one-way link back to your site. Google for "blog topic," where "topic" matches your site content and you will get a list of Blogs that you can comment on. When you comment on Blog articles, write a short observation like "I agree with you, but have you considered...?" 

If you're bold, use the keywords you are trying to rank higher for or use your site name for the name field in the comment form. The name field is the anchor text associated with the link back to your site. In both cases, provide an honest opinion so that the Blog owner will not filter out your comment as Spam.

Write Articles
Writing articles about a favorite subject will help you two-fold. Number one, you can add a resource link back to your site giving you a one-way-link and second, the article is a marketing tool which will help you consummate the sale you are trying to market to the end user.

Rotate your anchor text in your article then submit them to different article directories for republication. Another benefit of changing your article slightly is that you will know which article houses will give you broader distribution exposure.

Joint Ventures
I rarely participate in link exchanges. It really takes up too much of my time to get into "if you link to me I'll link to you" type of link management. However, I do offer anyone linking to my sites a joint venture opportunity. 

If I'm promoting products sold on Clickbank, I will pass on the linker's Clickbank Id onto the publishers so that the linker will get credit for the sale. I really don't mind helping out someone who is willing help promote my sites. 

An example of a one-way link exchange Joint Venture can be found at By linking to this site, your Clickbank Id is passed on to the wholesaler. Also, take note that the anchor text is randomly rotated for maximum keyword exposure.

Ultimately, you are trying to build a network of traffic that will bring people to your site. With one-way link exchanges, via the use of articles, Blogs, and Joint Ventures, you building a network that will drive traffic to your site.

About the Author: Howard Young is a freelance writer and site administrator for Fizziebooks where you can search for online ebooks read reviews and commentary on ebooks.

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