1 way text links for Dummies. 6 steps to improving your link Popularity and increase your page rank!

by Amazan

What is a one way link (s) and how can it help your websites ranking, increase link popularity and help you climb up the search engine result pages.

1 way link text links or incoming links are the links that points to your websites from another website. When you have a one way link (s), it means that you have a incoming link (s) pointed toward your website and on your website you do not have a outbound link pointed toward that website or web page which the link is coming from. Unless you are a skilled marketer or your website is very popular with a lot of people it will be hard to build one way links. Reason is that many webmaster don't want to just include your link to their site, they want you to link to their site (s) as well, and when that happens that link doesn't factor as strong with the search engines as well as it would if it was just a inbound link. 

That was just the basic introduction to 1 way link (s), but as long as you understand what we covered so far, you will be able to improve your website page rank if you follow some or all of the six steps outlined below. Note not all of them will be free, but if you believe in your website or what you are offering than you will do what you have to do to get visitors to your website. Remember sometimes it takes money to make money.

Step 1:

Start searching on the net for FFA pages (Free For All pages) when you find them submit your site to the one that has to do with your website content, categories or which every one you thinks will bring you the most highly target traffic to your website. Also search for Classified ads websites or message boards and post your links on there as well. This will start to be very time consuming, but it will pay off in the end if done right.

Step 2:

If you have two or more websites then you can link from one website to another, (incoming) but don't link to the other website( No outbound link). Or you can go to forums and ask to trade links. But this won't be your usual link trade. There is more to gain when doing it this way.

This is how you would write the Forum Post. 

Example.. Topic- Free 1 way text link to your website.
Description: I have two websites and I am looking to increase my page ranking and link popularity. I will use one website to link to your website giving you a one way link, providing that you link your website to my other site thus giving me a one way link from you. We will both benefit. If you are interested than email me here at your-email@freehomebizresource.com. (http://www.freehomebizresource.com is our website, by the way). That's how you would write a simple post and believe me you will generated a lot of interest. 

Step 3:

Do search online for the top 3 keywords that best describe your website. Next email or call the top 10 websites that shows up in the page result and ask them how much will it cost for them to link to your site. (note: this is where the money comes in,) Quick tip: if they agree. Before you pay them do a alexa ranking on them to see how much traffic they are getting. Also (IMPORTANT) the page that your link will be posted on, make sure it doesn't have more than 20 outbound links on it. Try to get a home page link if applicable. (it will cost you though.) we offer (home page) 1 way text links on our website: http://freehomebizresource.com 

Step 4:

Use a link broker. Link brokers supply you with websites that are willing to link to your website for a fee. This is how to find a Link Broker, do a search online . Use the following keywords: text links, text link advertising, seo, text link ads, sell links, text link, link buying, buy links, links, optimization, search engine optimization, search engine placement, search engine marketing firm, search engine ranking, search engine marketing, search engine optimization services, internet marketing, seo, search engine optimization company, search engine optimization firm. Choose the top 5 or 10 (depending on how much time or research you are willing to do) from each keyword, research them, and then use their services to improve your link ranking and page rank. Remember make sure they offer the websites statistic of which you might be adding your link to. Also do your own research make sure the site they offer fits your categories or niche market and will bring you the most highly targeted traffic. Also is in good taste.

Step 5:

Write articles . Make sure to write articles about a subject that you know well. It is not hard to write an article, there are millions of articles out there on writing articles on the internet. Remember if your articles is well liked and get publish in Ezines, websites, or even Ebooks then you will receive a lot of 1 way text links coming towards you for free, thus sending your incoming links up and up. don't forget to add your site url. Tip don't make the article about your website, it won't get publish by people or websites. Trust me.

Step 6:

Once you have websites linking to your site, make sure to get email them and get the link address of where your article is being publish or where the text link is displayed. When you get that url from them, submit it to search engines so that page link can be crawled and increase your link popularity. 

That's it for this beginners course, if you want for info on 1-way Links, S.E.O tips and more Home Business, or Home Based Business Opportunities then feel free to visit one of our two websites to view more articles. We have more in depth articles and tips about this subject matter and many more available to for you to read, share or view on our websites.

About the Author: This article was written by Amazan.
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