Using professional XP style icons in successful application development!

by Thomas P

The use of professional XP style icons in your applications can not only help you sell your products/services but also help you retain customers and attract newer ones. XP style icons act as secret weapons using which you can show your individuality act as effective marketing agents. So let us find out as to who can benefit by making use of professional XP icons and how.

Who can benefit by using readymade professional XP style icons?

1.) Software developers

Software development is no longer what it used to be. A software application has to be user-friendly and must have a professional look in order to sell. Icons being your user’s first contact, play the most important role as your software program’s marketing agents. If your icons are professionally designed then the overall look and feel of the software increases whereas on the other hand if your icons are of low quality, the software as a whole looks inferior no matter how good it is.

In what way can icons help in promoting software applications?

1.Proper use of well designed XP style icons can give the software a good look and feel.

2.XP style icons help to make the software look less complex by acting as visual communication tools

3.Icons can be understood by everyone irrespective of whether he/she is conversant with the language used in the software. This increases the universality of the software

4.Well designed XP style icons are visually appealing and will help the user in understanding the features to the software better increasing the overall usability of the software

Making use of free or badly designed icons can lead to the downfall of software applications no matter how well they are programmed. The best way to avoid this situation is to purchase Software icons from professional icon creators. Today there are some professional icon creators who sell quality icons at very affordable prices. For instance can provide you with unique XP style icons for as low as $3/icon which is the cheapest rate for an icon as of now.

2.) Web Designers

Websites have become the defining factors for most businesses especially if the business is 100% online. Web designers are faced with the task of building not only visually appealing websites but also highly usable websites. Web usability that includes everything from easy loading, better navigation, visual appeal and information layout has today become the most important factor related to web designing.

Making use of well designed unique XP style icons on websites can increase a site’s usability by a huge margin. XP style icons are visually stimulating and help in easy browsing by acting as navigational aids of a site. Web designers can make use of gif icons from professional icon creators to enhance their website’s navigation as well as look and feel that are vital factors for visitors coming back to a site.

3.) Corporations

Corporations can make use of XP style icons in their company brochures, logos as well as particular software applications. They can also make use of icons even in their multimedia presentations to pass on powerful messages.

Using icons in Corporate brochures

Corporate brochures are effective means of communication and act as marketing materials. Making use of icons in corporate brochures can add to its look and feel giving it a separate identity. Icons can be used both in online as well as printed corporate brochures. Vector icons are best suited for use in printed brochures.

Using icons in Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations are most important for marketing/promoting your products/services to potential customers. By making use of professionally designed icons you can add life to your presentations and make them more objective oriented. Also as icons are visually stimulating the presentations will be easily understood and will lead to better conversions.

4.) Offline Publishing

Icons can be used in publications too! Whether it’s an advertisement or article you can liven them up by making use of professionally designed XP icons. Well designed XP style icons can catch the attention of any reader something which is most important for any publication. Vector icons are best for printing purposes as they can be stretched to any extent and help in producing sharp image outputs.

Finding icons online

Icons can be developed by anyone but the real point lies in designing of the icons professionally. XP style Icons should be designed such that they serve their purpose well and help in improving the user experience for applications in which they are used. The best way to get well designed XP style icons is to purchase them from professional icon creators. Some good icon solution providers are (offers professional XP style icons at cheapest rates), and So be sure to check them out and compare their rates and icon quality before making your purchase.

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