PayPal Dedication Can Leave Your Business Exposed!

by Drew Michael
Copyright 2005 - 2006 Drew Michael

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Editors Comment: It wasn't a question of if, but when! PayPal has grown too big for its britches and has angered hundreds of thousands of users over the past few years. For those of you that have listened to syndicated consumer advocate Clark Howard ( ) this article is of no surprise. PayPal has cost merchants their livelihood by freezing accounts with no warning, etc. and leaving them absolutely no avenue of realistic appeal. PayPal has been sued by individuals, businesses, state attorney generals, etc. and it appears that PayPal loses more often than not. This article's intent was not so much to drag PayPal down even further. That really isn't necessary as PayPal is doing an admirable job of doing that itself. It is really intended to point out that there are a great many very good alternatives to PayPal...and some that are even better.

Is this subject popular! Posted online June 21, 2005 it has been downloaded and used over 2,000 times by newsletter publishers. That means that it was seen by over 2 million readers in just 7 weeks.

Check back often as we will constantly update the list (120 alternatives to PayPal) that appears in this article. And there will be new articles about PayPal each month.

To many web users, PayPal is not the kind of pal they had envisioned when starting their online business. Long on track history but overwhelmingly unpopular among merchants and buyers one is left to wonder why PayPal has continued to grow.

Ignorance and lack of knowledge has a lot to do with PayPal's growth. Many merchants are not aware of the potential problems they can encounter depending solely on PayPal for their online payment processing. That is, until they encounter potential customers that won't use PayPal to purchase their products or services. Or worse, they have their PayPal merchant account suspended and funds frozen without notice, effectively shutting down their business.

Image taken 06/21/2005: If you really want to get some idea as to the depth of PayPal's unpopularity, you need only to do a search on Google. Type in "PayPal Complaints" and click enter and see what happens. Over 335,000 results and still counting. No other online merchant processor comes close to having this many dissatisfied customers.

Updated 01/09/2006: This image is from a Google search done about 6 months after the first (above) was taken. Obviously, things have not improved. 335,000+ results have now increased to 1,180,000 listings for PayPal Complaints. 

Updated 03/25/2006: Not even three months after the last update things certainly haven't improved. There are now 2,070,000 listings for PayPal Complaints. That means the number of complaints have almost doubled in a little less than 3 months and reflects a 600% increase in complaints in less than a year. We have used them for approximately 5 years and have had numerous problems with them. As of a few days ago we finally decided enough was enough and began looking for an online processor to replace PayPal.

You maybe one of the lucky merchants or customers who are using PayPal but it would be a very smart decision to look for a replacement now...or at the very least add a 2nd or possibly even a 3rd payment option to fulfill your online processing needs.

'Phishing' is another reason many customers and potential customers are steering clear of PayPal. Not that PayPal is doing the 'Phishing', but they are certainly not making a big enough effort to stop it. And why should they? They are not 'Phishing' and they are not losing money. Only the customer is. Virtually 100% of online 'Phishing' associated with merchant accounts is done using the PayPal name. And even seasoned web users are being scammed by this technique.

Customers can eliminate most, if not all, of the 'Phishing' associated with online purchasing by simply using a different service. It is that simple! And there are plenty of good alternatives to PayPal out there that are hungry for your business. None are as big as PayPal and few have been around as long as PayPal. But most are reputable and offer a wide variety of services. And you most likely will never receive any 'Phishing' messages using their names.

So make the change now, before it is too late. Our advice is to avoid PayPal if at all possible. And we also would advise you to offer two different online payment options, with at least one providing you with the ability to accept payments by check. And a word to the wise! No matter which online payment processor you use, transfer funds often to your bank account.

One last note. One of the best web sites to find in-depth information about PayPal and the tremendous and get a good idea regarding the dissatisfaction among both merchants and customers can be found at Check it out and you will be enlightened.

Following, you will find the most complete listing relating to online payment options. Brief outlines are meant only to give you an idea of what they have to offer. We would suggest taking the time to visit each site. Your customers will thank you. And you will most likely eliminate a lot of headaches in the process. As always, you still need to use due dilegence when considering a payment processor. Run a check on them in Google similar to the one used for "PayPal Complaints" to see if they have an unreasonable number of complaints.

2CheckOut has been offering its services since 1999. 2CheckOut charges $49.00 to open an account with transaction fees of 5.5% plus 45 cents. It does not charge an application fee nor does it impose any monthly or statement fees.
All internet commerce merchants are provided an EZ-Payment Gateway, Buy_me Buttons and the I-store in addition to a merchant account. It's up to you how you plan to use these tools. Rates are as low as 2.39% and 30¢ per transaction. 

ACH Payment Processing
ACH Processing is an electronic payment system that allows your business to save both time and money (ACH Processing explained). The ACH processing network will allow you to electronically debit and credit checking and savings accounts. We provide you simple to use, powerful, secure ACH tools that make getting paid easier for your business. 

The AlertPay Premium account is perfect for buying and selling online with the option to do business under your personal name or under a company/group name (some business type restrictions apply). Send money easily and for free. Receive money from all your businesses to one account at a competitive rate of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction. AlertPay also offers a very unique "Unlimited Email Associations" exclusive. If you have multiple businesses online and want to show the appropriate name and payment email for each business but don't want to open multiple accounts you are allowed to associate multiple emails with your AlertPay account for that precise reason. All your payments will go into the one account, but you will know exactly which email that payment was sent to. Also you will be able to sort your payments by email allowing you to keep track of multiple businesses all in one account! 

Alliance Payment Technologies
The Versatility of the AllianceACHtm Web Gateway brings a myriad of uses to the business world. Alliance Payment Technologies designed this Secure Gateway for multiple uses including submitting single transactions, setting up recurring billing accounts, paying payroll through direct deposit, accepting checks on your web site, and batch uploads for large file submission. Virtually any business that has an Internet connection will find this service a highly valued addition to current payment acceptance methods 

AuctionCheckout is a credit card payment service providing discounted merchant services for sellers on eBay and other auction sites. Can be used with eBay, Yahoo, Overstock and the seller's own website. 

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account enables you to accept credit card and electronic check payments from your e-commerce Web site. Authorize.Net also provides an exclusive, fully integrated electronic check payment method, eCheck.Net. 

No set-up or maintenance fees for self-installed product. Fees for BitPass Professional range from 15% for items priced $0.01-$5.00 up to 5% + $0.50 for items priced $5.00 and higher. BitPass provides a platform for digital content commerce that bundles authentication, payment, and access control. BitPass enables a la carte and subscription-based purchases at any price point, starting at just one cent. Digital content can be Downloads - Music files, stock photography, games, software, movies, mobile content, crafts; Website Access - Premium website content, Interactive games, subscription sites, online comics, blogs, interactive panoramic photography; Streaming Media - internet radio, concerts, webisodes, movies; and Services - premium database searches, web hosting services, webinars, premium customer support, interactive learning and testing. 

BT Buynet
BT is a fast flexible and secure credit and debit card processing service. You can take card payments over the WEB and by PHONE. BT Buynet accepts all major credit and debit cards. BT Buynet offers real time authorization and fast settlement. BT leads the market and employs the latest security technology: 3-D Secure, Verisign Certificates, Encryption and Firewall technology. 

Cardservice International
Cardservice International, in business since 1988, provides the expertise and reliability to enable merchants to accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks. Offers free set-up and free application. Free Internet Processing Software allows merchants to manually enter credit card transactions via a PC browser, through a secure connection to the Internet. Free Linkpoint VirtualCheck™ enables customers to pay for their online purchases with a secure electronic check. Call 1-877-891-8413 or email support[@] for fee information. 

Cardservice Loud
LinkPoint® Secure Payment Gateway suite of products provides powerful business tools that are designed to improve payment processing and decrease the transaction time. They have specifically chosen products to help you, the small to medium-size business owner. Whether it is a point-of-sale terminal or mobile equipment, or in-store, their solutions help you organize your transactions, help manage a restaurant or run a mail order or Internet business. 

CCNow is the perfect low cost solution to selling your products online. With CCNow, you'll avoid the up-front expense and time required to set up e-commerce software, merchant accounts, customer service and more. CCNow is a shopping cart system that will allow you to take all major credit cards without the need of a merchant account. 

Offers Free Setup, Free Shopping Cart Software, Free Application, Free Internet Check Software, Free Technical Support and Free Search Engine Submission. Transaction fees of 2.39% plus 25 cents per transaction are reasonable but they do charge a Bank Statement Fee of $10 per month and a Payment Gateway Fee of $29.95 per month. 

The ChargeGateway system easily integrates into your website to enable you to process credit card payments quickly and cost effectively. The ChargeGateway solution supports multiple currencies and multiple languages and is available to merchants around the globe. 

CheckFree Corporation
CheckFree Payment for Online Retailers is an e-payment solution that enables online merchants to offer their customers an easy way to make purchases with their checking or money market accounts. 

As a full service payment processing company, ChronoPay offers businesses a wide variety of payments solutions, including transaction processing for credit cards, debit cards and Online checks. They also provide dedicated Merchant and Customer Support, with ChronoPay Support Representatives available24/7/365. Additionally, they offer all Merchants access to the tools and resources needed to implement E-commerce, as well as experienced technical support, the most effective antri-fraud system and other related Merchant and E-commerce processing services. 

If you have a unique product or service to sell, and it is deliverable over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email) then ClickBank is for you. They have 100,000 affiliates ready to promote your product. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00. Transactions are $1.00 plus 7.5%. 

Credit Card Processing Services
Offering its services since 1996, it is one of the oldest in existence. No application fee with instant approval. Transaction fees are 2.29 % plus 30 Cents. Monthly Customer Service Fee is $10.00 and Monthly Gateway Fee is $19.95. There is also an Annual Fee (Charged within 90 Days of Activation) of $99.00. 

World leader in telephone payment. Payments via voice and SMS. DaoPay adds your invoice to the customers phone bill. Your customers don’t need Credit cards, they don’t need a Bank account - all they need is a working Telephone. Include DaoPay in your web site and let people from around the world pay you. Sell them your content in the most flexible way existing on the planet today. 

Using DigiBuy's ecommerce service, you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure shopping cart to merchandise your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet. Transaction fee is 13.9% with a $3.00 minimum. 

EasyCharge offers one of the better packages we've seen. It includes: A credit card merchant account for immediate transaction processing; Secure, encrypted, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure transactions; Internet processing software allows you to instantly accept credit card payments in real-time over the Internet; A Web-based terminal for easy processing credit card orders manually; Accept all Major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover; All funds are promptly wired into the checking account of your choice; Convenient online reporting and management of your transactions; No Application Fee; No Setup Fee; No Paperwork. Your application is quickly completed online; No Annual Fee; FREE American Express Setup; FREE Internet shopping cart for your web site; and FREE Search engine submission - they submit your web site to all of the major search engines. 

Worldwide electronic monetary/payments system. E-Gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money. It costs nothing to open an e-gold account. There is no credit check. There is no minimum balance requirement. There is no concept of a "merchant account" in that all e-gold accounts may spend e-gold or receive e-gold payments. All e-gold account holders are Originators. When you direct a new user to the e-gold system using these links, they become your Progeny. You will be the beneficiary of incentive payments generated by the Progeny account. 

Electronic Transfer
The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ enables you to automatically accept, authorize and process secure credit card orders directly through your web site or virtual terminal. No software or hardware is required and you can process from any internet connection. Several other options are also available. Fees are reasonable. 

e-onlinedata is one of the nation's most trusted merchant account providers for US based companies. They offer a complete line of real time credit card processing solutions for Internet, Mail Order & Auction sellers. Their thousands of merchants vary in size from startups to billion-dollar companies. 

etransactus provides a suite of business software that incorporates the concept of "Straight Through Processing" (STP), which is a seamless electronic process that encompasses the entire life of a customer's order, end-to-end from acquisition through to delivery and collection of payment. With STP, data is entered just once and is then instantly available everywhere down the line. 

FirePay is the Internet's fastest-growing alternative to credit card payments. Catering to merchants whose consumers may not be able to make transfers by credit card, FirePay is a fast and easy option that has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of consumers. FirePay's very simple sign-up and fund process for first-time users means that consumers can return to your site within minutes.
Online application is free as is the Credit Card Processing Software. has been offering services since 2001. Transaction fees of 2.39% plus 25 cents per transaction are reasonable but they do charge a Bank Statement Fee of $10 per month and a Payment Gateway Fee of $19.95 per month. 

Free Merchant Source
Free Merchant Source is a merchant account internet provider for real-time or batch credit card processing services. They offer complete merchant account services that enable you to begin processing credit cards immediately. Provides FREE Terminals, FREE Software combined with $0 Application Fees and $0 Set-up Fees. Transaction fees of 2.49% plus 35 cents per transaction are reasonable but they do charge a Bank Statement Fee of $10 per month and a Payment Gateway Fee of $20 per month. 

By accepting online payments (checks and credit cards) in real-time from your company website you can increase your net profits. The Pay-Me-Now gateway provides state-of-the-art payment solutions for your business website. By adding our online check acceptance solutions, you can most likely lower your cost of accepting payments online. Normally the cost to process an online check is much more favorable than accepting a credit card payment. When you accept credit cards, having your own merchant account provider can give you the benefit of your own financial institution to protect you and your customers. PayPal, ProPay and others will not do that for you! 

The fast, low cost & truly international way to start accepting online payments instantly. All you have to do is sign up for a GottaPay account and in minutes, you will be processing. GottaPay offers a variety of funding options, by credit card, check, PayPal, 900 Pay, or E gold. GottaPay gladly accepts all types of sites without you ever having to worry about your account getting closed or frozen. Claim that they will never close anyone's account unless it is due to spam or fraud. 

Graphcard acts as a means of payment for 1/3 (250 million) internet users in over 260 countries who don't have access to traditional credit cards. The market is projected to be one third of the world's 750 million internet users. Graphcard enables Internet users to spend cash online. At least a third of Internet users around the world do not have access to the traditional credit cards to pay with. Also those who have credit cards but prefer to pay by cash can do so securely online. Graphcard also has a patent pending algorithm that allows Graphcard members convert their fund to online Non personalized Visa prepaid debit card to make purchases online. 

Touts itself as being your fun, fast, online payment portal that allows you to spend, send, receive, do just about anything with money online. It offers a lot of options so we would suggest visiting their web site to review all. Would not recommend it as your primary option but it should be considered as a secondary option for handling payments. 

In business since 2002, Ibill is perfect for merchants that sell services and subscriptions. Merchants can accept payments online by credit card, check, and phone. Has numerous fee schedules but the most common is for businesses that sell up to $9,999.00 in a billing cycle. That charge is 15.19%. 

This is a money transfer service that has been providing services since 2001. No application fee or set-up fees and transaction fees range from $1.99 - $2.99 plus 29 cents. Payments that are received are deposited to your Ikobo Visa Debit Card or your bank account. 

Offers a full range of electronic merchant services, providing flexible, convenient, and comprehensive solutions for your company. They can customize programs for both your credit/debit card and check processing needs, reducing your costs across the board and improving customer service. 

Kagi is the Merchant of Record and provides extensive, patented payment processing suitable for local and global markets. Claims to have more payment options than anyone else. Offers Shopping Cart Software with flexible and easy capabilities that get you up and selling fast. And whether you sell software or housewares Kagi has solutions to support you. 

Merchant Experts
They offer ecommerce merchant accounts for International and Domestic transactions to give you an enormous client base. Online merchant account specialists are available to answer any questions you have about taking your business online. As a prospective Internet merchant, you will fall into one of two categories: experienced or novice. In either case, you are going to require the same tools in Internet merchant accounts to succeed. No application or setup fees and claim to have the lowest rates in the industry. 

Merchant Express
Claims that it can setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and bank ATM Debit cards, at the lowest possible cost. 

Moneybookers Ltd.
Moneybookers enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online – in real-time! Moneybookers delivers a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms. Does not charge for set-up or applying and has no monthly fee. Transaction fees range from 2% - 8%, depending on how payments are made. 

Money Tree Merchant Services
Money Tree Merchant Services offers several credit card processing software programs to enable businesses to process transactions online. Some packages include processing software, shopping cart, and a virtual terminal. 

Monpay has been doing business since 2003. With it, you can sell products and services on web sites, auctions, and even by email. It does not charge for set-up or applying and has no monthly or hidden fees. Transaction fees for checks or credit cards are 2.95% plus 55 cents. 

Monster Merchant Account
Monster Merchant Account is an online merchant account provider for real-time or batch credit card processing services. Their complete merchant account services enable you to begin processing credit cards immediately. 

This service allows any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. It does charge an annual fee of $19.99 but we still believe this is a pretty good service. Opening an account is free, sending money is free, and receiving money is free. There are a few fees for unusual services but they are very reasonable. 

For more than 14 YEARS, Paybyweb has provided merchant services to companies large and small. From start ups and home based businesses to companies you have likely heard of....such as: AAA Motor Club, Investor's Business Daily. Companies such as Olan Mills Portrait Studios, Jenny Craig, Allstate Motor Club, Glamour Shots, Montgomery Ward, and THOUSANDS of other companies worldwide have utlized Paybyweb's merchant services, since 1992. You can start accepting Credit Cards for your website, or business with your OWN merchant account. Why use Paypal or a 3rd party account when you can have it all in YOUR name. YOUR business name shows up on your customer's statement. The way it should be. 

Offers affiliate marketing program which is integrated with your PayPal or StormPay account. And because of these limited affiliations we cannot recommend it at this time. We've already discussed the numerous problems with PayPal and StormPal just ceased operations (March 24, 2006). If PayDotCom offers a few other payment processors we would highly recommend this service. 

Claims it is the fastest and safest global trading service on the Internet. It has no set-up fees, gateway fees, etc. Has a very high User Satisfaction and continues to add new improvements on a regular basis. Transaction fees for credit card payments are charged at 2.4%. Please visit their web site for more information on transaction fees. 

Payment Online
Payment Online's solutions are designed to provide you with a single-source online payment system for your complete ecommerce needs, all-in-one solution including merchant account. They offer no-hassle merchant accounts through their 7 merchant account providers. The VISA/Mastercard rate varies from 2.1%-2.3% depending on product type being sold online. Additional fees may apply. Your Internet Merchant Account program will provide details of any additional fees, if it applies.

Paynet Systems
Merchant Services include access to all major credit cards and regional debit networks, cutting edge Check Guarantee Services with electronic deposit, and point-of-sale solutions that are priced not only to be competitive but also unbeatable! 

With PaySat you can sell your products/services Online and enjoy such features as: International Merchants Accepted; Instant Application Approval; Product and Recurring Billing; Easy To Use Plug-N-Play Code; Flat Low Rates; No Set-up Fee; Multi domain/brand support; and Intelligent Fraud Detection System. PaySat is only in its 2nd year of operation but has a pretty good reputation. Transaction fees are 5.3% plus 39 cents. 

Great service that started in 2002. Free to open an account with instant approval. Fees to receive payments range from 2.8% + $0.10 for micropayments to 2.8% + $0.30 for transactions over $5.00. There are no set-up or monthly fees. Paystone offers you the ability to receive payments from $0.25 to $1000 easily, securely and inexpensively. 

PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution is designed to meet the specific needs of Internet and mail/telephone order merchants. Available for U.S. and European-based businesses, the PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution allows merchants to expand their payment options, increase sales and focus their management efforts on growing their business. PaySystems has no application fees and no merchant account set-up fees. Offers highly competitive rates on transaction fees but you must contact them using their online form at for more information. 

PPPay is an online payment system that enables businesses and individuals who are trading online to send and receive escrow and instant payments in GBP's, Euro's and US Dollar using Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. 

Premier Payments Online
(Site Comments) Premier Payments Online is the premier payment services provider dedicated to providing online businesses with payment processing and merchant support services. Whether your business processes tens of credit card transactions per month or millions, Premier Payments Online can assist. Our company objectives are to assist clients in acquiring merchant processing ability and providing cutting-edge turnkey technology to process credit card transactions via the web. Could not find fee structure online. If interested, you can email them at for more information. 

ProPay USA
With ProPay, merchants can accept payments by credit card on the Internet and by phone. There is no expensive equipment, no statement / gateway fees and no long term contracts to use their service. Annual fees range from $34.95 - $299.95 with transaction fees ranging from 3.50% plus $0.35 to 2.69% plus $0.25, depending on the type of account you desire. 

QuickCommerce by E-Commerce Exchange
Designed for any level of e-commerce vendor, this five-star rated payment solution is particularly well-suited for the smaller, entry-level vendors that may not have a lot of experience with e-commerce. 

RegNow is the software industry’s premier registration commerce provider. RegNow makes running a successful online shareware or software publisher business easy by putting a highly advanced platform, customizable technology and powerful resources right at your fingertips. No charge to apply but there is a one-time account activation fee of$9.95 and transaction fee is 16% with a $2.00 minimum charge.
In business since 1998, provides an easy system for users to pay for software and data licensing fees by providing a variety of payment methods. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00 and transactions are processed at 8.9% with a $3 minimum. 

SECPay provides one of the most cost effective card authorization solutions available by offering a fixed rate or percentage based tariff. For merchants selling high value goods or services they recommend choosing their fixed rate tariff which keeps transaction charges to a minimum. Their system includes multi-currency functionality, and an integrated virtual terminal. Technical support is 24/7/365 and a free service. SECPay clients include entrepreneurs, SMEs, charities and large blue chip organizations. 

share-it! is used by over 30,000 Software Publishers for their e-Commerce Solution. share-it! works on a commission basis. In other words, after licensing your program, they retain a service charge of either USD/EUR* 2.95 + 5% (Pricing Model A) or 14.9% but no less than USD/EUR* 2.50 (Pricing Model B) and ) and forward the remaining amount to you. 

Please Note: StormPay can no longer be recommended!
As of March 24, 2006 StormPay ceased offering processing for online payments. That is, except for products offered through its auction services. After reading the policy that was incredibly difficult to decipher, I would not suggest using even that remaining service. Read more here...

SWREG, the oldest online software store in the world, has been in existence since 1987. All their prices include credit card processing on their merchant account. Technically, you sell to SWREG on consignment and they sell on to the end user. SWREG accepts Micro Payments for 69 cents for items to $7 in value. Default discount is $1 + 6% with a minimum fee of $1.50 (2% surcharge for American Express). This account will be charged a $20 monthly fee with the first payment to you each month made with no transmission costs (free wire for instance). Visit for complete pricing information. 

Total Merchant Services
Offers a comprehensive line of payment solutions for your business- credit card acceptance, debit cards, and check acceptance - for all types of businesses including retail storefronts, restaurants, hotels, service companies, wireless merchants and mail, telephone or Internet order businesses. Rate and fee structure is the most competitive in the industry. 

Total Payment Solutions
Total Payment Solutions boasts that it is the perfect answer for charge card processing and Mail Order, Phone Order, and Internet merchants. No charge to apply or set-up but there is a Payment Gateway fee of $10.00 per month and a Bank Statement Fee of $10.00 per month. Transaction fee is 2.30% plus 30 cents, which is reasonable. 

Total Web Solutions
E-Commerce Plus provides the most cost-effective and secure way to enable you to clear credit card transactions immediately, from your website. Real-time transactions make e-commerce easier and more efficient for you and your customers, saving you time and money, and improving customer service. E-Commerce Plus automates most of the transaction, management and administration you may currently do yourself, and it negates the need for offline credit card terminals which could remove costly monthly rental fees. Total Web Solutions 'E-Commerce Plus' Solution comes with transaction fees as low as 1% because of their direct relationships with credit card Clearing Banks – Streamline (Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland), Barclaycard Merchant Services and HSBC. Most web hosting companies that offer e-commerce services, do so by using a third party clearing company which inevitably increases the cost to their customers. 

U.S. Merchant Systems
U.S. Merchant Systems provides its online merchant account clients with electronic payment gateways from several companies, including Authorize Net, Intellipay and Ezic. 

Velocity Payment Gateway
A Velocity internet merchant account will allow you to process credit card payments online, by mail order or over the telephone. Credit card payments can be taken easily by call centers, or on the move from a laptop, PDA or mobile phone. Use their proven tools to minimize your risk and protect your online venture from fraud. Velocity Merchant Services accepts Merchant Account Applications from merchants categorized as high risk. These include: Internet Gambling, Internet Gaming, and Online Pharmacy. 

Wire Card AG
Wire Card AG is one of Europe's leading providers of payment systems, risk management and communication services. The company offers customers a wide range of payment options (credit card and debit card, direct debit, bank transfer, invoicing, and cash in advance) as well as CLICK2PAY, an alternative Internet-based payment solution. In addition to handling transactions over the Internet, the software platform seamlessly integrates all sales channels includes Call Centers and conventional POS. 

Xcoin is simple to use. Managing small payments through Xcoin is very similar to sending and receiving email messages. You only need a valid email address and an Internet connection to request or send funds online. Our web-based online solution enables our customers to perform financial transactions in a secured 128-bit SSL encryption Internet environment. Unlike traditional methods, sending, requesting and viewing payment transactions can be done from anywhere you have Internet access. 

Other Options Worth Looking At:
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Ymogen at 

Other Services Of Interest:
InternetCash at 
Online Escrow at 

This article was originally published by The Business Junction on June 21, 2005. It has been revised several times, the most recent revision being March 28, 2006.

About the Author: Drew Michael is a webmaster and marketer. He is the owner of The Business Junction at, a major software and entrepreneur directory. For a free subscription to The Business Junction Newsletter and free software downloads subscribe at: 

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The Business Junction does not offer technical assistance with any software sold from our website. All software comes with its own instructions, help and/or 
installation files. Note that most software is designed for Windows platform. If it does not specifically state that it is compatible with Mac platform, do not purchase.