Email - Is it Still a Promotional Tool?

by Francisco Aloy

Email, don't you just love it? What a tool: you can contact anybody in the world without spending a dime on postage, paper or ink!

All the above are the reasons email is such a formidable tool to promote your business, stay in touch with your customers, send out special offers to your lists and acquire new business.

Of course, if you listen to the naysayers, they will tell you email's days are numbered and that you had better start preparing to use some other form of contact to reach your customers! With all the news about phishing and other forms of email fraud, it would tend to give credence to that opinion.

The fact is this: email is here to stay! The ease of use and the huge base of installed users makes it a very hardy tool. That's not to say implementation and distribution will remain the same; not hardly!

Gone are the days you could install and run your own private mail server and reach 100% of your customers. As a matter of fact, many ISP's will no longer allow you to send out email in large enough volume to warrant the trouble and expense of setting up your own server.

Another thing that will stand in the way of setting up your own mail operation is email "whitelisting." Whitelisting is when you approach ISP's and list your company as being in compliance with their email policies, in hopes your email will reach the intended recipient. Of course, all it takes is for one of your recipients to "forget" he/she signed up to receive your email and you are blacklisted for sp^mming.

Email isn't going to go away and I can predict some ISP's being taken to task for blacklisting responsible marketers. As it is now, there is no legal protection for businesses. The bulk of ISP's don't have any policies in place to give businesses an opportunity to present their side; some of the filtering has been done in a true knee-jerk reaction to Sp^m.

The prevailing policy at ISP's is to punish the worthy and the innocent. Throw the baby out with the bathwater! Perhaps the government's present policies will be modified by Court rulings giving businesses access to review panels that will ascertain the merit of ISP's blacklisting. Soap Box Issue:

The alarm should be sent out: Fair is fair! ISP's and email recipients alike should know there are responsibilities associated when you sign up to receive a Marketer's email.

All honest, hard working marketers should be given the option of presenting their side, in the light of day!

OK, done with the Soap Box!

With all the bad things happening to email, it has become a necessity for companies to further specialize and call upon the services of mail processors. They do nothing but handle large volumes of email responsibly and efficiently, such as: aWeber, Getresponse, eMail Aces and so on.

The need for the above services is an obvious one because they are specialist in email delivery, don't cost all that much and do a good job. They have policies in place to make sure all their accounts are opt in and police their members for compliance. Besides, who in the world has got enough time to do their own whitelisting?

Careful planning and due consideration should be given to how your Web business deals with email since it is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It will go a long way to make your enterprise a success.

About the Author: Francisco Aloy is the author of "Yes, I Want to Start My Internet Business Without Being SCAMMED!." He has an online business catering to the needs of the Newbie Net Entrepreneur. Visit his site to see more of Mr. Aloy's articles.
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