Techniques to get More Traffic to your weblog!

by Ashish Thakkar

A) Blogging page no different from a website page. Many Bloggers believe that posting blogs regularly is the best and only way to get the blog promotion. While posting a blog entry they forget that the resulting page will be no different than the html and php web pages they used to create for their website. The basic SEO rules for the blog page is same for a page created in html or asp or any other language. It is therefore necessary to give importance to tags and links while making a blog entry. Example:
-Keep the title small. Make sure it includes the keyword you think your users will use while make a search.
-Use and tags to your keyword in the page.
-Make sure you use well anchored text with keyword and that no links go to a 404 page not found. If a page is not available make sure that the 404 goes to sitemap page or notifies user of the problem.
-Make the content rich and big in size (do not keep it small) and make sure that there is no keyword spam in the blog entry.
-Use links to post on blogs on your website. Also allow the search facility so that users can search the blog from your website.

Note that the only advantage of a Blog over a simple page is that the blog will get indexed faster.

B) Blogging and pinging. To get the best out of your blog you need to blog regularly. Make a schedule and try to stick to it. It is best to Blog everyday with fresh and rich content to get visitors rushing to your site. Although it is best advised to blog on a daily basis it should be noted that blogging stale 5 line content will not help you in any way. It is therefore better that you are Blogging 2-3 times a week with new and rich content with properly formatted html. If you are using a script like for blogging make sure that you are pinging sites. This will tell them that your blog has been updated. You may also ping sites manually. Below are the list of sites you can ping: 

Note: If you are also using Pingomatic then make sure that you don't use the same sites already pinged through pingomatic. It is best advised to use auto pinging service (On each post) rather than manually pinging each and every site.

C) Auto discovery. This meta tag will help the viewer's feed reader to auto discover the RSS feed URL and make it easier for him to add your feed. This will result in greater exposure to your feed. link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0″ href="" / Make sure to put this in head tag. If you are using Advanced script like WordPress then this is automatically created for you.

An example: link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" href="" / You can replace the RSS file (rssfile.xml) with your blog's rss file. Example: if your Wordpress blog is at then your RSS would be and hence the Auto discovery file would be : link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS Feed" href="" / Make sure this particular meta tag is in between your head tag of your blog.

Note: You may also add it to your Non blog page which is displaying the RSS content. Utility available for this in software package.

D) Articles. You can gain lot of hits and link popularity with this method. Some sites where you can submit your articles are mentioned below : 

E) AutoLink post content. Uses your Wordpress Links to create automatic links from key phrases in your posts to other sites, posts, or anything else that can have a URI.

F) Submit to DMOZ. Visit and submit your website directly or to a category which suits your site best.

G) Auto Blog Ok. Not everyone has the time to find content on the web and post it to the blog. It also requires lot of effort on the party of the blogger to do that on a daily basis. Best in such a situation is to auto blog or semi autoblog. Find article -> Copy paste the article -> Make a post to blog ->Ping sites and wait for comments and trackbacks. Or do the entire process by using a tool that does that automatically.
Example: Article extractor

About the Author: Ashish Thakkar is an Internet marketing consultant and an SEO Specialist. He provides training and guidance on Web promotion and email marketing to individuals and top executives. Most of his Web marketing and promotion software are available at and under the resell software plan.

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