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BlogJet v1.5


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Updated: 05/10/2005

BlogJet v1.5 is a weblog client for Windows that allows you to manage your blog without opening a browser!

Those who are seriously concerned with blogging, cannot imagine their work without using this wonderful tool with elegant interface.

Easy to setup, easy to use. Intuitive Account Wizard helps you to create a new blog or use an existing one with BlogJet (it supports almost all leading blog services). Furthermore, the intuitive smart interface of BlogJet will help you to start using the program right away.

The rich word processor allows you to format your posts according to your tastes and needs; it does not require any special skills. Changing colors and fonts, underlining, italicizing or making a text bold — all these procedures are performed with just one click or by pressing a hotkeys combination. You will instantly see the changes as if you were using Microsoft Word. If you would like to hack your HTML code, all you need is to switch to Code editor, which has such features as syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion.

Built-in spell checker fixes your mistakes with a few clicks, or launches automatically as soon as you publish your posts.

If you need to insert a picture, resize it, or create a thumbnail, drag-and-drop an image from your browser to BlogJet, or click the button. BlogJet is smart enough to automatically upload it to your blog or FTP server.

If you want to add some fun to your blog, there are 20 high-quality smileys and the Now Playing feature, which detects the name of the artist and the song title for the track being currently played in Windows Media Player, Winamp, or iTunes. It can even insert a link to this song in famous iTunes Music Store, so that readers can buy your favorite music.

There is another entertaining feature — voice attachments. Take a microphone and record your voice. It will be attached to your post and uploaded to your blog. Unlike web-based audio blogging services, there are no monthly fees, and it does not require external plug-ins!

Blog This! BlogJet integrates with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers; FeedDemon, RSS Bandit, NewsGator and other news aggregators to enable you easily blog about the current web page or news items.

If you have no time to finish your post, just save it as a draft file on your computer, so that you would be able to continue writing at any time you like.

In addition, you can not only create new posts in BlogJet. The program also allows you to view and edit your previous posts.

Finally, support for secure data transmission based on the OpenSSL industry standard guarantees that the data you send by BlogJet is encrypted.


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Tristana version 3.0


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Updated: 05/10/2005

Direct to desktop content 
Tristana is a software download which allows you to pull content directly from the Web onto your desktop without email. Simply click and drag those orange feed icons or links (RSS or Atom) to Tristana to view news, blogs, and online content in real-time.

Now iPod friendly!
With our latest V3.0 podcasting release, now you can search and download music and media files while you sleep and even synch with your iPod! We've added a Downloads Manager to schedule and download up to five files to your desktop at once. 

SPAM-proof your desktop 
Quickly add, manage or remove content or media files onto your desktop in real-time without having to provide an email address or share any personal information. 

Reduce information overload
Consolidate web content more efficiently than your browser, manage information more easily than with email. Tristana provides the ability to view RSS or Atom feeds in real-time on your desktop. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to content on your terms, without risk of SPAM, privacy or security issues associated with email.

How does it work? 
Tristana uses RSS and Atom which are standard XML formats for instantly receiving syndicated content over the Internet. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" or even "Really Stops Spam", depending on who you talk to. Atom is a widely recognized open-source XML format for content syndication. Basically both are really just highly efficient standardized formats for reading, managing and sharing timely information across the web. 

What are the benefits?
1) Gives you control. Tristana allows you to "pull" content from the Internet based on your topic criteria and timing. Rather than having email newsletters or content pushed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Tristana enables you to decide what content you want and when. Topic feeds are uploaded to your Tristana Reader in real-time from the publisher source. You can unsubscribe or delete a content channel or topic at any time, manage content in folders and even export your channel topics to send to a friend or use on a second computer. 

2) Provides timely information. Subscribers get updates and breaking news as soon as they are published, not only on the date an email newsletter is delivered. Tristana allows users to plug into selected sources of information, like independent reporters, researchers, blogs and industry analysts. When they disseminate or report some new information, it allows you to get it without having to subscribe to any newsletter, or having to provide an email address or disclose any personal information. 

3) SPAM-free. There is no way to be "SPAMMED" by using Tristana, given that you must specifically request to add each content channel and can delete a topic or unsubscribe from a channel at any time. 

4) Reduces information overload. Relevant messages can be easily archived, sorted into folders and organized according to topic, in a fully automated way, something impossible previously with email newsletters. 

5) Private and secure. Content subscribers never have to provide an email address to their selected information provider. Publishers cannot as a consequence easily resell those emails to unscrupulous marketers and email spammers. Tristana does not contain any SPYWARE or ADWARE and therefore does not slow down your system or track any activity or personal information. 

6) Is safe and virus-free. Tristana cannot carry viruses or trojans like a newsletter or email attachment can. 

7) Promotes community. Tristana provides the ability for you to export or import your content channel preferences, allowing workgroups and online communities to share research, news and information. 


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