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News File Grabber version:


TBJ Rating:


Updated: 05/10/2005

Download photos, movies, sound and other binary attachment files
from Newsgroups on the USENET, including yEnc decoding!

News File Grabber is a specialized Newsreader which lets you easily download all kinds of attachments and binary files (photos, movies, pictures, sound and other stuff) from the newsgroups on the USENET.

This Newsreader supports many coding schemes, including yEnc, and it can combine multi-part articles automatically (also from multiple servers) to extract the attachments. 

News File Grabber remembers the articles you already have downloaded and extracted, so you can restart the download whenever you want.


There are many decoding schemes supported, including MIME, UUE, base64 and yENC (also multi-part files).

You can download and extract all attachments (movies, sound, photos and other files) from a complete Newsgroup in one go!

The program automatically combines multi-part articles to extract the attachments.

It supports multiple servers and up to 20 simultaneous download threads as well as secure server connections (SSL).

You can extract from EML-files stored on your hard disk.


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Pluckit Version: 9.4


TBJ Rating:


Updated: 05/10/2005

Newsgroup Pictures Fast!

It's like Magic! Using advanced computer intelligence, Pluckit finds and downloads pictures, movies, and other material that interests you.

Stop wasting time manually searching. Let Pluckit take over and do the work. Just tell it what you want, and then sit back and enjoy the show! 

Pluckit is automatic, intelligent, and gets what you want while rejecting what you do not want. 

Pluckit searches Usenet. Usenet (also known as the newsgroups) was created in the very early days of the Internet. Unfortunately, to this day many people don't know how to access Usenet and benefit from what it has to offer. 

Usenet is a gigantic, global repository of pictures, movies, and music (literally millions of files). These files are submitted by people from diverse countries and cultures around the globe. As a result, Usenet contains a variety of pictures and movies from every culture. From Denmark to Detroit, the people of the world use their computers to exchange material through Usenet. The varied interests of the people of the world are all present there. It is a global community for everyone to take from and give to. 

But the problem is this: 
Usenet is undergoing explosive growth! Manually searching through the millions of Usenet articles to find just that material that interests you is now truly beyond human capability.

Pluckit solves the problem! 
Pluckit is a very smart software agent that works for you. It actually reads usenet articles thousands of times faster than any human being can read! Then, based upon your pre-defined likes and dislikes, it sifts out just what you want.

Just tell Pluckit what you are interested in, then sit back and watch as it scans. Pictures are displayed one after another on the built-in viewers. Leave it overnight and be amazed at what you find in the morning!


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SBNews version is 9.4


TBJ Rating:


Updated: 05/10/2005

SBNews/Newsbot is the internet's premier tool for retrieving pictures, music, and other multimedia files from newsgroups! SBNews will go out on the internet for you, find the files you want, exclude those you don't want, and download them to your computer -- all by itself. There's no need to spend hours laboring through newsgroups with cumbersome low-tech tools like Outlook Express and manually decoding news attachments. SBNews/Newsbot finds the files, automatically decodes them and splices multi-part files together.

SBNews/Newsbot is designed to automatically download and uudecode files from binary newsgroups. SBNews makes no limitation on the type of file that can be downloaded -- everything is possible including archives, executable files, sound clips, and images. Small files (such as images) which fit in a single news message work best, as news servers do tend to drop portions of large multi-part files. SBNews will handle multi-part files, although if the news server has dropped part of the file, nothing can be done to reconstruct it.

What are binary newsgroups?
(Presumably you already know this or you wouldn't be here!) Binary newsgroups contain binary files which are typically encoded via uuencode (or mime64) and sent as text. These newsgroups are a popular means of distributing data across a wide area, and in most cases newsgroup access is inexpensive and posting is allowed by anyone. Newsgroup content is very diverse -- including Newsgroups dedicated to archive files, executables, sound clips, images. Most binary newsgroups are in the alt.binaries subtree. The biggest problem is ignoring unwanted, off-topic advertisements (SPAM) which are present in newsgroups, and SBNews is designed with this important feature in mind. 

What kind of binary newsgroups are out there?
There are thousands of newsgroups, on all sorts of subject. The newsgroups contain images, and SBNews excels at downloading from these picture newsgroups. The alt.binaries.sounds and alt.binaries.mp3 newsgroups contain music and sound effects. You can find video files in the alt.binaries.mpeg and alt.binaries.multimedia newsgroups. There are also other newsgroups that contain archive files and executable files. 

SBNews downloads all types of file attachments from newsgroups - jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, mpeg, mpg, mp3, m2v, mov, avi, rar, zip, wav, and more! 

What special features does SBNews have?
SBNews has many features that make it unique. Most important are advanced methods to lockout and reject unwanted articles. The newsgroups are filled with off-topic advertisements these days and SBNews is an excellent tool to avoid wasting your time downloading junk. There are also extensive duplicate elimination features to avoid downloading the same thing multiple times. SBNews includes a full-featured JPEG/GIF/BMP viewer, as well as thumbnail viewers which show the image download in progress. There are extensive statistical functions to help you keep tabs on what's going on. File Encryption is built in to automatically encrypt sensitive data when it's stored on your hard drive. Although SBNews is intended to automatic and unattended download, manual selection features are present to allow you to manually decide which articles to download. Keyword specification is supported to allow you to further limit downloading to only articles which have a specific keyword field in the subject or author fields. 

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Message Poster 2003


TBJ Rating:


Updated: 05/10/2005

Message Poster 2003 is a very advanced USENET message posting tool designed for Newsgroup owners, administrators, and moderators. It will quickly and easily allow you to post messages to all of your newsgroups, from one group to 1000 groups. 


* An easy to use interface, no confusing screens, no hard to find settings. And everything has context sensitive help, so if you don't know, just hit F1.

* Manage multiple news servers with ease!

* Have a lot of groups to post with? Create a group list, and then 1 click will send your messages to all those groups, use it over and over!

* Have multiple attachments? You can attach them all to one message, or post a separate message for each attachment automatically.

* Rotate subjects, senders, and sender e-mail addresses for maximum eye catching exposure.

* Automatically insert file names, random numbers, random characters, and more into your subject or message body using simple tags.

* Schedule messages to post daily, weekly, or monthly. Even select the day of the week or month to post on.

* Unassisted operation provides detailed log files of all posts.

* Specify the maximum number of cross post by server, speed up sending time, or increase the chances of your message being seen. Pick the balance that is right for you.

* Free Upgrades For Life

* World class service & support

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